10 Fun (and work-appropriate) Secret Santa Gifts under $25 by Miss Polish


Buying Secret Santa gifts for your co-workers can be a bit tricky. You're tasked with the responsibility of purchasing something that is equal parts funny yet office appropriate, and useful yet cheap - all, more often than not, for someone you barely know.

To help you maneuver around this yearly work tradition and pick out a present sure to please, we've listed our top 10 picks for work-appropriate secret Santa gifts under $25. We've also included links to buy - just click the images!



1. Travel cases




Admit it - travel cases are one of those things that you would never think to buy for yourself but you're always missing when you're packing for that upcoming vacay you've finally used your leave on. Save your co-worker from a suffering a similar fate by grabbing them a cute travel case set. Fun? Check. Useful? Double check.


2. Nutella Recipe Book



Your co-worker (and her tummy) will be thanking you for years to come. Trust us on this.


3. A Ryan Gosling Calendar



A gag gift worth getting. This amazing gift will surely get your co-worker excited for the new year to come.


4. Pamper Pack



Because us girls can never be too pampered!


5. A personalised bottle of polish



No gift guide would ever be complete without SAY IT WITH POLISH! With three christmas templates now live on the site, you'll be sure to #nail this year's kris kringle.



1. Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2016



If there's one thing you and all your officemates have in common, it's that you need, want, YEARN for a holiday. So, we think this gift would go over quite well - if you don't decide to keep it for yourself, that is!


2. Smartphone speakers



For that officemate that just loves to entertain.


3. Personalised Business card holder



It's no surprise that we're all for personalised gifts, and this one is a great one for the blokes. Functional, with a personal touch!


4. Bottle Opener iPhone case



Show him just how useful his phone could be!


5. Minimergency Kit



With 13 personal care essentials for men, this handy kit will help keep you co-worker on his A-game A-lways.





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POSTED 04 November 2015
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