10 Party Favours Your Guests Actually Want by Miss Polish

Make sure your party is the gift that keeps on giving with these fun and ultimately useful party favour ideas.

Spa in A Jar


Putting together a goody bag full of home necessities will always ensure your gifts are put to good use and your time and effort is not wasted.




These adorable favours might be a pain to take home but will serve as a great addition to your guest’s humble abodes. 


Candy Buffets with Takeaway Jars


Young or old, everyone loves a good buffet. Add candy to the mix and its no surprise candy buffets are gaining popularity as a party favour(ite).


Midnight Snack Pack


Send your guests off with a midnight snack to ensure they fall asleep with a happy stomach and wake with enough energy to nurse their morning hangovers.


Corn Kernels in a Jar


Nothing says ‘thanks for popping by’ like a mason jar full of unpopped corn ripe for the morning after movie marathon that usually follows a big night.




 Because who doesn’t want s’more fun?


Mini Bottles of Alcohol 


Mini versions of anything, especially booze, has and will always be a cute (and much appreciated) party favour. Trust us on this one.


DIY Cocktail


Pair the booze with some tasty mixers and a multi-purpose glass to drink from to make them an even bigger hit.


Hangover Kit


Because you want to give your guests yet another reason to think you are the Best. Friend. Ever.


Personalised Polish


Because why just say it, if you can Say It With Polish?





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POSTED 21 July 2015
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